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The early days of summer are upon us, bringing with them the promise of warm sunshine, longer days, and a sense of renewal. It's a time when the air feels alive with possibilities and the world seems to be in full bloom. Whether it's the lure of outdoor adventures or the simple pleasure of a cool evening breeze, summer's arrival is always a reason to celebrate.

What are some ways you love to celebrate summer?

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> What I am loving right now!

1. The SUMMER COLLECTION. Our Summer styles are selling fast, so be sure to snag your favorite styles before they're gone!

2. This COLORING BOOK is everything https://amzn.to/3XeA2Nz

3. I created a NEW Pinterest Board for all things ACTIVEWEAR - an easy-to-follow place for you score all your favorite activewear brands. Click here and FOLLOW the board to stay in the know!

You can also access the ACTIVWEAR line and so much more through this link

> What's New in Wellness?

Check out the latest wellness news: Brighter Wellness – Brighter Manner

> Suggested Wellness Reading:

1. Supplements and Health Tips for Your Summer Health and Beauty Routine https://s.thorne.com/LmyEU

2. Men's Health Month https://s.thorne.com/rrntV

3. A Mothers Love https://s.thorne.com/vn6uM

> What's New on the Blog?

BRIGHTER RISING, is designed to support your intentional wellness and living goals. You can find inspiration, education, resources and support for your healthy, happy, intentional life. 

Read the latest blog post: Offering You the Complete Package


> What is in the works!

NEW Wellness ECOURSES will be added to the website very soon. I am so excited for this!!!

These will be self-paced, online learning modules teaching you how to overcome those hard-to-find mindset blocks, adjust your lifestyle to better manage your health and well-being, and how to calm your nervous system through self-healing, meditation practices.

I will be sure to send out an announcement as these new styles of learning become available to you!! Hit REPLY and tell me if you think these courses could help you?

> NEW Wellness Tip of the Month:

Incorporate Digestive Enzymes into Your Daily Regimen for Enhanced Health Benefits

As we age, our body's natural ability to produce digestive enzymes diminishes, leading to various digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and indigestion. Supplementing with digestive enzymes can significantly improve nutrient absorption and overall digestion.

Digestive enzymes are vital for breaking down food into nutrients, which the body can then absorb and utilize. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with enzyme insufficiencies or those who consume high-calorie, processed foods that are harder to digest.

Starting your day with a digestive enzyme supplement can help ensure that your meals are more effectively broken down, leading to better energy levels and a reduction in digestive discomfort.

I have been using ZENWISE since 2016. They have supported my digestion, improved my absorption and helped keep my blood sugar levels normal. It's a simple step that can make a substantial difference in your daily health and comfort. Get yours here

Hit the REPLY button, Have you tried digestive enzymes yet?

> NEW Client Comments:

Wondering if all these things I say and practice are true? Hear it from my clients directly:

"You are such an inspiration. You have helped me understand that I have a role in how I feel every day. Thank you."

"Digestive Enzymes for the win! I already feel so much better!"

"I didn't know anything about adrenal health until you brought it up. Adding supportive nutrients has helped my body manage stress so much better. I don't feel as tired. And I don't feel like I'm going crazy anytime a stressful situation comes up. Who knew!"

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What are you loving this month?

What excites you most about Springtime?

What goals have you set for the new Season?

Where do you think you need support most - HEALTH or HAPPINESS?

Hit the REPLY button and let me know!


Stay tuned for more updates, tips, and inspiration to help you live your best life this spring and beyond.

Thank you for being a part of our community – I can't wait to embark on this journey with you!

With love and gratitude,

Josie Wyckoff

Brighter Manner + Brighter Rising

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