Life and Health Updates + Tips

Life and Health Updates + Tips

I started this website and wellness community in 2019 as a way to connect and support those on a self-healing journey. My mission was to create a safe place where we can just be as we learn and grow and heal. ❤️

I am still on that journey to a healthier, happier, healed life.

And I'd like to go back to sharing more of that with you.

👉 Does that sound good to you?

For those who have been here since the beginning of my #Gastroparesis + #Mito journey, thank you so much for being a part of my world 💚

9 years in and things are always changing with my health, so I thought I'd give an update for where I'm at currently...👇👇👇

Plus, a few tips to help you get started on your own healing journey 🌿

👉 Do you experience any daily symptoms?

I still experience these symptoms every day,

- nausea, abdominal pain, and bloating

- migraines and vomiting episodes

- dehydration, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency

- brain fog and chronic fatigue

- cellular and spinal degeneration

It's all just part of the GP/ Mito life - there is no cure but I have learned over the years there is better management.

👉 What differences have you noticed since starting this journey?

What's better,

- stamina, mental health and my nervous system regulation, anxiety, depression

- increased caloric intake of solid and whole foods, yayee for veggies, yum broccoli 🥦

- improved labs, clarity and day to day illness management

- quicker recovery from flare ups

👉 What does your self-care wellness plan include?

I continue to focus on

- my medication regimen, including Adrenal Cortex, Reglan, Digestive Enzymes, Pre and Probiotics, CQ10, Omega3, Folate, Amino Acids, Collagen, BComplex, You can find these and more through my wellness dispensary.

- Aloe Vera Juice

- daily hydration infusions

- daily yoga and meditation

- spending time in nature

- healing my body and mind

Feeling motivated to do these things all the time is unrealistic. Motivation comes and goes. 💯

You have to be committed to wanting better for yourself FIRST. That's how you keep showing up. 👏

Where to start if you're ready for more:

- add digestive enzymes and probiotics - ask me what I use!

- add Aloe Vera juice, ACV, or Turmeric, shot every day to soothe inflammation

- add a multivitamin and supplements to help fill in the gaps and that contains highly soluble ingredients, herbs, adaptogens - ask me for a list!

- clean up your nutrition, less sugar and caffeine + more veggies and lean protein

- move your body, even in blocks of 15 mins throughout the day, find what feels good

- make your self rest, go to bed early

- manage your mind, mental stress kills more than forks do. Learn to manage your thoughts and feelings, deep breathe, with meditation and yoga

- do labs, take health tests to determine gaps in your nutrition, cellular function for improved, vibrant health - ask me about Thorne's health tests!?

- stop being so stubborn - you know there are things you can do to feel better 😏

👉 Which activity could you add to feel better this week?

If you made this far, I'm so thankful for you 🙏💕

My goal is not to just "push products" down your throat, but to lead you down your own path of SELF-healing. 🌿

I am always rooting for YOU✌️🖤🙏✨️

Ready to go?! start here

xo Josie 

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