Activewear + Everyday Yoga Partnership

Activewear + Everyday Yoga Partnership

I have been researching active and yoga wear for over 3 years now.

I not only wanted to add a high-quality activewear option for you, but I also wanted to ensure the company aligns with my lifestyle and values.

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In addition, I did not want to offer just any old brand or items you could find on Amazon. NO, I wanted to ensure the products were sustainable and in alignment with the direction WE are going.

SO >> I am HAPPY to announce my NEW partnership with Everyday Yoga.

- that means I will earn a commission when you make a purchase.

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I cannot wait to start sharing my favorite activewear, yoga clothing and accessories with you. Plus, supplements and workbooks!? I am beyond excited to be able to offer you the COMPLETE TLC PACKAGE! Can I get a woot woot!?!?

Use my link to check out what's available to you right now! 

XO Josie


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