The Brighter Mantras: An Intro

The Brighter Mantras

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a writer - I spent days filling notebooks with stories, poems and prose, hoping one day I would write a book. Instead, I grew up and chased other dreams. lol

I never really stopped writing or having a passion for literature but as you know, life gets in the way of your dreams sometimes.

Today I am excited to announce, I made that little girl's dreams come true! I have officially published my FIRST BOOK!!!     


And then, CHECK OUT the details below...



Imagine getting an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, allowing you to align with what truly fills you with passion and purpose.

Imagine feeling able to set your stress, worry and fear down as you learn to let go and become who you really are.

Imagine letting go of all that no longer serves you, to make space for all the gifts and abundance meant for you.

Imagine feeling proud of your progress, and every step you take, instead of only seeing how far you have left to go..

I've written a book that will help you do all of that…

The Brighter Mantras: Affirmations for Every Day Life can help you learn to listen to and reconnect with your authentic self to let go, align with and reach your fullest potential. 

Authenticity is hard to find these days. The need for us to go with in and find our truest selves is more necessary than ever...can you feel it?

The Brighter Mantras is a supported mantra meditation practice, helping you learn to take time each day to pause and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit.

Helping you learn how to put down and turn off the distractions and listen to what your heart and spirit are telling you.

Letting your inner self be your guide.

In this workbook you will find beautifully handcrafted affirmations that support and encourage a happy, healthy lifestyle and aim to align you with your true authentic power and purpose.

Part story, part workbook, The Brighter Mantras sets you up to do the inner work. Inspiring you to heal from the inside out.

There are 12 units providing an affirmation, check in/growth questions, and free space to meditate and document your journey.

Plus, extra tips and resources for getting started on your journey.

This 145-page workbook is designed to help you build a strong foundation in understanding the power in letting go and affirming what you want out of life, while aligning your thoughts and behaviors with your authentic purpose.

Through this guided meditation practice, you will learn to

    - let go of fear, trauma or habits that are weighing you down.  

    - graciously accept and receive abundances from the Universe

    - love your true self and accept your own authenticity.

    - manifest your life's purest intentions

    - live every day embodying your new-found energy.

Explore the possibilities the Universe has waiting for you while welcoming in the power of affirmations and manifesting what you desire out of life. You deserve it!



Thanks for reading about my new book - in the event that meditation or journals aren't your thing, would you be kind enough to pass it on to someone you know who is!? #sharingiscaring

Sending so much love to you and yours - thank you for your support!

REPLY back and TELL ME what's new with you !?

xo Josie

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