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My mission is to be a positive force in the lives of others, to create and bring you beautiful and intentional clothing and accessories, and to help you align and rise into their healthiest, brightest self. Learn more about how I can best support you!

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Yoga + Activewear

I have been researching a long time, and I wanted to add a high-quality activewear option for you, but I also wanted to ensure the company aligns with our lifestyle and values. In addition, I wanted to ensure the products were sustainable and in alignment with the direction you and I are going.

SO >> I am HAPPY to announce my NEW partnership with Everyday Yoga. Sustainable and Intentional Yoga + Activewear, winning! Shop the catalog today!

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Looking for Wellness Support?

Part of offering you the complete TLC package includes offering wellness resources and supplements at your fingertips! Check out the wellness page to learn more about starting your journey with Thorne today.

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Books + Journals

Check out resources, books and journals created to support your self-healing, self-care, meditation, personal growth and journaling journey.

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Join the Community!

Join the Community and access VIP level treatment, shop promos, tools and resources for a healthy, happy, intentional life.

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