Starting the Healing Journey

When I started my healing journey...

I was severely underweight, malnourished, and the opposite of thriving when the only meds I was taking were prescribed western meds with dangerous and sometimes overwhelming side effects.

Can you relate?

My symptoms were out of control. I had to change something, or I was going to end up on a feeding tube or worse.

First, I started researching my condition, body function, and herbal and natural treatments and remedies. Then, I started working with a functional medicine doc.

The task of getting things under control feels incredibly daunting, but you are worth it. And trust your life is best placed in your own hands...

We started by adding herbs and supplements to heal my body from the inside out and fill in the gaps of nutrients I was missing.

Lab work is a good place to start but know that "normal" does not always mean okay... do your research!

Without proper vitamins, minerals, nutrition, hydration, detoxification the body will not function properly.

You could be doing everything else right, but if you are still feeling symptoms or not seeing results, there is likely a nutrient gap issue. So where do you start?

We started adding in herbs to support adrenal fatigue, mitochondrial dysfunction and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Nutrient dense blends to help heal my body while also providing the nutrition my body was missing.

I started trading out my meds for herbal supplements, one by one. Trial and error. Not everything is going to work. You have to keep trying different things until you find what works best for you.

I focus on creating a baseline nutrition plan to follow. Nothing fancy. Just clean and nutrient dense.

I maintain hydration, yes I get infusions.

I started journaling and meditating to heal my out of whack nervous system. Bringing it to a MUCH calmer place.

I yoga, garden and walk for exercise. Little by little I started getting some life back in me.

That was back in 2016. Today almost all my medications have been replaced with an herbal alternative. And I continue to do these things to thrive. To stay alive.

I am able to maintain my weight and nutrition. I got my vitality back that those medications tried to steal away!

I am not cured by any means but I am managing... and that is something!

Sure, some things require western meds. I'm not a hater! But my goal as your wellness mentor is to inspire the idea that there may be something more or else you can do to heal and support your body and health.

It is no longer "drs orders". YOU GET A SAY.

The first step is understanding where you are.

The next step is asking for help or starting your own journey of research.

One step. One trial. One error or success at a time.

A diagnosis is not an ending, but the beginning of you taking your health into your own hands.

WHERE are you at today?

WHERE do you need support?

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WHAT could you research today?

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WHO could you ask for help?

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Josie Wyckoff

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