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Choosing to Rise | An intro


Welcome! Thank you for choosing to Rise with us! 

We have shared some of our story and our mission on the blog. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date!
We have started loading Blog Posts, workbooks and resources created to relight your fire and inspire you to live a more intentional life.
We are constantly adding and creating products behind the scenes that we hope inspire and support your journey, or sense of humor!

Since you will be hearing a lot more from me ;) I thought I would take some time to introduce myself a little more, so many new friends!

My name is Josie Wyckoff. I am almost 40 but forever young at heart.

Born and raised in Arizona #desertflower I am incredibly grateful for the life I have created despite the hurdles we have had to overcome.

You can learn more about my wellness story here 

I am with the LOVE of my life, we go waaay back.

Michael pops in to say hi sometimes but is always busy behind the scenes supporting and helping to build this business and amazing community with me.

My Michael works in Vendor Management; He helps me manage ALL the things lol We have been together for over 11 years.

I am a stepmom to a 13-year-old boy. We homeschool and we share custody.

And a dog mama to 2 pit bull mix pups. I wish I could rescue them ALL!!

You will see my fam bam around here every now and then.

I am a wild hearted, coffee-obsessed, day dreamer who loves all things dogs, plants, yoga, herbs, oils, and wellness. #hippyheart

I live for building up and having compassion for others, designing a life I can live with and laughing all the damn time!

I have worn many hats in my time. I have done the retail and corporate life. Tried sales and merchandising, been an administrative assistant, an account manager, a personal nanny, an IT coordinator, an app/systems developer and tester, a massage therapist, a corporate development trainer, a document, processes and procedures developer, a customer service representative, a call center supervisor, and a data integrity manager.

I also have Associate’s Degrees in Massage Therapy and Holistic Services, and in Science of Nursing and Education. As well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Go Lopes!! #totalbrag I am really not trying to brag but to hell with it, I worked hard as hell for my accomplishments!

Don’t forget woman, friend, lover, sister, daughter, wife and step mother. #boom

I am exceedingly proud of what I accomplished before the age of 35.

However, in 2015, I got very ill and my life completely changed.

I was diagnosed with #gastroparesis, which means my stomach is paralyzed and I cannot digest liquids or foods properly.

I share much of my journey here, as well as Migraine awareness.

My life is not easy, but I am still here. 

I have always been fascinated with the health and wellness industries

I started my education and experience in wellness as an LMT back in 2004!

I have been hyper focused on nutrition and holistic wellness for the last 6 years.

My jump back into the wellness industry truly came from the need to heal and manage my health after being diagnosed with #gastroparesis.

Today, I am a tad bit obsessed with health and wellness after changing my habits completely changed my life and my health around through nutrition a few years ago.

Not like losing weight or counting calories obsessed; I mean like self-healing, meditation, herbs, yoga, vitamins, minerals and ALL the GOOD stuff obsessed.

I still eat French Fries and pasta and chocolate lol but I have a much better relationship with myself, my nutrition and my health now.

Our SHOP and WELLENSS biz are about helping you feel the same.

I live for sharing my story to inspire others to self-heal to improve their health/mindset so they can reach new heights in health and life.

I am plant OBSESSED and love maintaining seasonal gardens.

Homegrown = Yum. 

I am just a Mind Body Spirit Tamer helping you BE WELL with style and grace.

We started @brighterrising and the Brighter Nation Community to hold ourselves accountable for living more intentionally and to inspire others to live more authentically, sustainably, improve their health and wellness, self-acceptance, and support them with their self-healing and personal growth.

We offer wellness mentorship programs and natural health and wellness supplements as well. 

Learn more about our Wellness Dispensary here Natural Wellness | Dispensary – Brighter Manner

In the meantime, sign up for the newsletter or join the @brighternation group to stay up to date on all things Brighter!

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for having the ability to find this light again and to really understand the miracles in life. It makes us overfilled with joy to get to share our light with you!

This is a new chapter in our life, and I am beyond grateful, excited and ready for what is in store. Never give up on your dreams, no matter your current situation, you are meant for more!

I wish I could fit everything about me into one post but if you want to know more about me just ASK! Or stick around.

I don’t fit into any sorta “box” or “category” and I am learning to LOVE it.

I is who I is. And I post consistently about all sorts of ish...




Yoga Life.


Intentional Living.

Healthy Homemaking.

Wellness Mentoring.

Humor and friendship.

Behind the scenes.



Healthy Recipes.

Meal Prep.

Real Life Struggles.

Mental Health.


Be sure to SAY HI and SHARE something new about you!!

My inbox is ALWAYS open!

But you can also connect with us more here

Shop Brighter Manner Collection

Wellness/nutrition Brighter Rising

Community Brighter Nation

Ohhh and if you’ve been following me for a while #caretoshare what is YOUR FAVORITE topic I post about?

With peace and love, Josie

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