8 Ways to Live with More Intention

The world today can be an unforgiving place.

In just a few short minutes you can see or hear something that shakes you to your core. All you have to do is turn on the news. Or God forbid, a reality TV show. I can barely watch it anymore.

Seeing all this division, death, destruction and disregard around the world can take its toll on an Empath like you and me.

I try not to get caught up in the lack of connection and love I see.

Instead, I vow every day to find the good, be the good and to love and shine my light with those I meet. I want to share it with the world. 

I may not make a difference around the world tomorrow, but I might have a positive impact on someone I meet today. To me that is enough.

We get so caught up in the challenges of changing the world, it is a big undertaking.

The reality is it starts with you. The individual.

You have to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Staying negative, disconnected and uncompassionate with only make you more negative, disconnected and anxious, not to mention, disappointed, lonely and unhappy.

I think we have enough people like that in the world.

I want to inspire you to live a brighter life. To be the light in all the dark.

To be positive, loving and gentle human being.

It is possible for everyone to live a brighter, more fulfilled life.

All it requires is a shift in mindset and to commit to living your life with more positive intention.

A year from now you will have wished you started living better.

Are you up for starting today?

Here are the 8 essentials to living a brighter, more intentional life.

 > Bring the light

There is enough darkness in the world. Bring the light wherever you go.

> Remember the good

Don’t focus on the negative, focus on the good. And if you can’t see it, be it.

> Ignite the fire within you

Feed the fire within you. Stick with the things that light you up.

> Go after what you want

Don’t be afraid to live your life for yourself. One life, one shot.

> Happiness in everything

Be grateful and courteous. Be joyful in all you do. Living is a blessing.

> Take action

Don’t wait for your life to happen to you. Show up and take action every day.

> Ease into your fears

Fear is normal. Don’t get sucked up into feeding your fears. Take the leap,

Have faith in whatever outcome that comes.

What is meant for you will always find its way.

> Regain control of your thoughts

Thoughts and emotions can be extremely powerful. They can be used as a power for good or a power of destruction. The choice is really up to you.

However, too often we let our thoughts control our actions and decisions. This does not always lead to the outcome we truly wanted. Making us feel out of control and not aligned with our true selves.

To live a better life, you have to learn how to regain control of your thoughts.

You cannot allow your thoughts to control you. You are in charge. All those negative, demeaning, terrible things you think about others, or worse, yourself are a fallacy.

> You cannot believe everything you think. You have to be stronger than that.

You have to note when your thoughts are being destructive rather than helpful.

You have to notice when you are stuck in a negative mind frame.

You have to make the choice to say you will not accept these thoughts as your truth. They are sent to destroy you. Don’t let them take you down!

You are much more powerful than that.

> Maintain positive, loving thoughts and you will manifest positive, loving outcomes in your life.

> Maintain a level of unkind, dishonest or wounding thoughts and you will see these feelings infiltrate your every day.

Regain control of your thoughts, regain control of your life!

Tell us, what thoughts and hurtful memories can you let go of today?

Can you see moments where your thoughts hindered or supported you during a difficult time?

 Josie Wyckoff

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