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Top A SIMPLY LIVE Hooded Cardigan

Top A SIMPLY LIVE Hooded Cardigan

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The SIMPLY LIVE Hooded Cardigan will be your ultimate fashion sidekick, perfect for living life on your own terms. Its stretchy material allows for effortless movement and features handy pockets for all your must-haves. Don't stress about laundry day, this cardigan is machine-wash friendly. (No more laundry day woes!) With this cardigan, you'll be a fashion rebel, confidently breaking all the rules in style and comfort. Its versatile fabric moves with you and has built-in pockets for all your essentials, making your life easier. Plus, the convenience of its machine-washable design means you can say goodbye to laundry day dread. (Laundry just got a whole lot better.)

Product measurements:

S: length 36.7 in, bust 48.4 in

M: length 37.1 in, bust 49.9 in

L: length 37.4 in, bust 51.5 in

XL: length 37.8 in, bust 53 in

2XL: length 38.2 in, bust 54.6 in

3XL: length 38.6 in, bust 56.2 in

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