Survival Mode: An Intro

Survival Mode | An Intro

Survival mode is REAL and takes a wholistic approach to pull yourself out of...

It's kind of like quicksand. The more you fight, the quicker you sink. Survival mode makes you feel stuck, overwhelmed, and burned out.

I have been there. I UNDERSTAND. Let me explain more.

Survival mode is your body's nervous system response to helping you manage short and long-term stress, danger and risk. Think the fight or flight system.

Normally our body [your nervous system] senses these things and helps us take action to manage and work through them, and then recalibrates back to its "normal state" once the stressor is gone.

That is in a healthy body, with a regulated nervous system.

You get stuck in survival mode when life demands so much day after day after day, the body [and the nervous system] never gets a chance to get out of that ON mode. It never feels like it's safe to come down.

Your body protects itself by staying in survival mode. We literally stay stuck in the red zone.

Getting out, takes actively working at showing your nervous system/body, that it is safe to come down, calm down, recalibrate, and FEEL SAFE. Stepping off and away from the danger.

Stepping out of survival modes takes real honesty, grit, resilience, and the ability to call yourself out on any habits that are keeping your body and nervous system on edge.

Make a list.

What makes you feel stressed just thinking about?

What makes your stomach hurt and your heartbeat faster?

Where do you feel the most pressure right now?

What makes you feel anxious?

What have your thoughts been like lately?

Are you maintaining healthy habits?

Have you communicated this to anyone?

How could you lessen this stress?

What steps could you take to feel safer and more supported in your body?

What activities can you do to calm your nervous system?

What could you do today to feel less anxious?

What could you do this week to support your overall health?

Have you apologized to yourself for how you've been treating yourself? #selfcompassion

Checking in with yourself is the best place to start.

There is a reason Mindset and Stress Management, are some of the first tips any wellness expert will tell you to start with...

If you want out of survival mode, start with reconnecting with your self.

If you're having trouble knowing how to start that practice or how to support your body and stress, READ ON on to Part 2 Regulating the Nervous System | Get out of Survival Mode – Brighter Manner

TELL ME, are you feeling like you're living in survival mode right now?

With love,



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