Do the Work


Sometimes, you just have to do the work

Back when my wellness journey truly began it was 2015..seems like a lifetime ago now. TRUTH IS, it has taken years of experience, research, studying and trial and error to get where I am today. #dothework

Less medication and more nutrition.

Less weakness and more strength.

Less vomiting and more laughing.

Less anxiety and more balance.

[Yes, even when dealing with the unexpected, like a busted ass ankle!]

Honesty time love...

It is within DAILY SELF-CARE activities, (like yoga, meditation, journaling, herbal blends, supplements, and superfood shakes) that I was truly able to turn my mindset, nutrition and health around. For reals.🌿🙌

And as hard as this journey has been...the kicking, screaming and fighting [myself], and now this uprising, have ALL been WORTH IT.

I will be forever grateful 💗🙏

Does this mean I'm cured? Far from it actually.

Managing a chronic illness is a long term balancing act of DAILY routines, self-care, and self-healing activities #preach

and WEEKLY rituals full of amazing things like moving my body, building strength, meditating and gardening. #chroniclessons

Yes I've learned a thing or two about this whole wellness thing, but what I really want to share about what I learned is...

the more time I spend TAKING CARE of myself, HEALING my BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, while GOING WITHIN, and ALIGNING with who I really am...

The BETTER I FEEL...despite my illness or symptoms. #invisibleillness

It's a lot easier getting through a vomiting or migraine flare when I feel stronger, or more accepting or when I know there are better days ahead...

REALITY IS, on this journey, you'll find a new strength you've never known.

And MY JOY NOW is helping YOU LEARN

that strength for yourself, 💪

that you can manage your health, illness 🌿

heal your body, mind, spirit, 💖

and feel better no matter what your mind believes or is telling you right now...👏👏

YOU have to BE OPEN to it though.

YOU have to TAKE OWNERSHIP of WHERE YOU ARE and what it's going to take to GET HEALTHY or get those daily SYMPTOMS UNDER CONTROL. #truth

YOU can heal your body so that managing your stress, illness or symptoms is easier.

YOU can reset and rewire the way you think, or react, to better manage your anxiety, depression and thought processing.

YOU can learn what self-care means and how to take inspired action every day to manage your well-being.

It's not magic babe, it's HEALING and LEARNING how to regulate your nervous system and fuel your body at the cellular level with important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and adaptogens.

Healing from the inside out.


Take it from someone who knew very little about what it meant to truly care for yourself before now...


Read that again.

YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE who can pull yourself out of the gutter, and be more accountable for your lifestyle choices. It's all within YOU babe.

YOU are also the only one who can ask for help when you need it. 👈👈

YOU don't have to go at this alone...

YOU just have to be willing to DO THE WORK.

Consider this a KICK IN THE ASS to remind you that YOU DESERVE TO FEEL HEALTHY and HAPPY, no matter what anyone else tells you!!

YOU are worth all the time, love and energy it takes to take care of yourself. ❤

YOU are worth the heartbreak of growth and healing yourself. ❤️

YOU are a worthy cause, dear one. ❤️

LEARN TO BE OK with being a work in progress...there are no fast fixes to healthy friends.

TRUTH BE TOLD, I'd rather be a work in progress than stuck in old ways..✌

What about YOU?

Where are YOU?

Are YOU moving forward?

What habits are holding YOU back or making your symptoms worse?

Where do YOU want to be?

Where do YOU see yourself this time next year?

Do YOU need help?

If you START WHERE YOU ARE, I can meet you halfway ❤️ 

DROP A ✌️ If you're ready to start digging in deep and running like hell to a healthier, happier life or CLICK THE LINK to register today 🔥🔥

If not now, then when? 🤔🤔




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