Assessing Your Life Balance + Workbook

Assessing Your Life Balance | Workbook

What is life balance?

And how do you tell when things are not in balance?

A question I hear more and more people talking about these days. How can I find more balance?

Life Balance.

Seems to be a lofty idea for some or overwhelming to even know where to start for others. We have a million things on our plates, and we plan, plan, plan our lives away yet are more stressed than ever.

The truth? You cannot find balance in a notebook or calendar or self-help book. And Yes I know there is an APP for that…but does that stuff work?

Maybe for some, but what I have learned is that balance is not something you find; it is something you create.

You have to manage your time in each area of your life to ensure you CREATE the balance you need overall. And what if these areas are not balanced?

Imbalance in your life may look like:

- unhealthy habits like eating junk food, sitting too much, not exercising

- feeling tired, burnt out, exhausted, not getting enough sleep

- easily irritated, frazzled, stressed out, triggered

- over working, not spending enough time with loved ones

- loss of productivity, focus, mental clarity

- financial insecurity, misalignment, poor judgement

Tire of feeling like you are doing ALL the things but getting no where?

Maybe creating balance all starts with understanding what it is we are trying to balance in the first place.

I have created a life balance workbook to help you figure all that out.

life balance workbook

But first, let’s talk a little more about what balance looks like. 

Think of your life as a pie, each area of your life is represented as a slice of the pie. The more stability or constancy you have in each area, the more balanced your life will be.

Nobody wants different sized slices, that is why you are reading this!

As kids we are always focused on things being fair and even. But we lose that as we grow older, as priorities change and life’s lessons start to take its toll, we forget about balance.

Sometimes we get so out of whack or off kilter we even fall.

Part of living brighter is ensuring you are giving each area of your life the attention, love and value it deserves. Yes, that even means your own personal development and self-care. It all matters.

It is easy to give more priority and time to one particular area than another; think about how much time you spend at work or taking care of family.

It is easy to let one area consume you while neglecting other areas. Hello, self-care here again!

However, it is vital to remember that spending time on each area every day is an essential part to living a fulfilled and well-balanced life.

There are many things that make up our everyday life.

What we do, the people in it, the things we see and say, and even the decisions we make all influence how we behave. That can create a lot of categories.

For the sake of our sanity, I have broken up the areas of life into 6 main categories and provided a brief description of what falls into that category.

> Self-Love & Value – loving yourself and acknowledging your self-value, includes TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF in body, mind, and spiritual health.

> Livelihood & Calling – valuing your own personal calling in life or understanding and maintaining some sense of livelihood or purpose.

> Personal Growth – personal development, growth, and healing help you realize your life does not have to stay the same, you are worthy and capable of much more.

> Balanced Wellness – connected in body, mind and spirit, having a well-rounded wellness plan in place to ensure you are at your healthiest self.

> Family Values - building strong family relationships, creating family time/traditions and setting family goals.

> Financial Well-Being – security, finances are in a place that allows you to comfortably afford your bills, save for the future and feel confident about the financial decisions you have made.

You create BALANCE in each area of life by taking each category into consideration and taking action to ensure there is equity of time spent on each slice.

Are you ready to dive a little deeper?

Here is the course book to help you achieve a well-balanced life.

life balance workbook

Simply sign up for a COPY to be delivered right to your INBOX. 

You will set goals and identify activities you can do to bring balance back into your life. It provides visuals and space to write and help you assess all the areas of your life that need attention.

Not ready for that commitment?

Join the Brighter Community for daily inspiration, free intentional living + wellness resources, and Group Coaching. 

Balance cannot be found, stop looking – start creating!

Tell me, which category do you feel you need to create more balance in?

Josie Wyckoff

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