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This is Our Story

Let’s face it, life is not always unicorns and butterflies. But it is always real, and raw. If you are not paying attention, life can catch you off guard and swallow you up. Spit you right out. You know the feeling. We have all been there.

But what if you could go through these life experiences focused, and ready to learn and grow instead of feeling overwhelmed by the ugliness of the unknown? I promise you it is possible to grow through what you go through.

This can be a rough feat for some when it feels like the walls are crumbling down around you. When feeling overwhelmed by the unpleasantries of life, most go to a place of anxiety, suffering, anger, frustration, even sadness.

They are afraid to believe in the good that is still possible. The good inside them and around them. They are afraid to reflect and grow.

They cling to these negative feelings and push down any thoughts that encourage them to dream, grow, or let go. Is that you?

What most do not realize is that our bodies can withstand much anguish. Your body's ability to see you through trauma is unfounded. It is our mindset, our thoughts, we must master in order to move on and expand from traumatic experiences and hard times. Master your mind, master your life.

Living a Brighter Manner isn’t just about just seeing the good in life. Sure, you should focus on your blessings and the sunshine, no matter what you might be going through. But living in the clouds does not equal showing up for yourself.

Living with a Brighter Manner means that you are open to self-reflection, personal growth and empowering your mindset no matter the trials or tribulations you are facing to rise into your healthiest, happiest life.

It does not mean you do not see the negative and the not so good, but instead of being hurt or overwhelmed by it you stay centered, grounded, and balanced. Standing firm in who you are and what you know is true for you.

You might be thinking, yeah right, my thoughts, my mindset aren’t that powerful. But I assure you, you are much stronger than you think.


This blog and business are proof of that. Strength.

We have seen more ups and downs in the most recent years than we would like to count. Life has been a roller coaster to say the least. Working full time while going to school and raising a family, changing jobs (and salaries), promotions, endured medical emergencies and the loss of a parent, to say the least.

And now, especially in the current times we are all seeing the loss of jobs, income, security, freedoms, the loss of loved ones, the loss of health and happiness, the ups and downs of disability and western medicine, and all the medical bills (we see you!).

We have endured financial struggles, relationship hurdles, parenting woes and somehow have managed to make things work through some very creative budgeting (say what!?). Oh, and let us not forget all the everyday bullshit that comes with life too!

I can hardly breathe just thinking about it all. This is that overwhelmed by life feeling I was talking about earlier. Anxiety, like whoa. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Rock Bottom

To say that we as a society have been through a lot is an understatement. For us, in the last 3 years we have felt rained on, run over and put away wet. There were times we went without a car, an oven, money or even a plan. Many times, I screamed and cried my eyes out and felt like there was no hope. Sound familiar?

Waking Up

A negative mindset, worrying and negative attitude towards the things happening around us are keeping us miserable, keeping us angry, keeping us sad and frustrated. Not to mention, keeping the negative bullshit train coming! And when I say us, I mean us all.

Have you ever heard the saying “worrying is like prayer for what you don’t want”?

Cycling these negative thought patterns only keeps us focused on the things we do not want to happen. This tiresome loop does not allow you to see the things in your life that ARE going right. The things that keep you inspired, afloat and alive. The things that keep you happy and fulfilled. Your everyday blessings.

It is during this transition of thought that we decided we could no longer hide from the light or keep up with a negative mindset. We were going through dark times but we would no longer allow these destructive thoughts to dictate our feelings, controlling our actions and behaviors.

We wanted off the roller coaster. We wanted our brighter days back.

Brighter Days

So, we started. Woke up one morning, committed to focusing on our personal growth, personal progress, attitude, health and our relationships. We decided to focus on the brighter side of life.

We had enough of where old habits had taken us. We are so ready for something new. Something more. Brighter Manner is that something more.

We made a promise to ourselves and each other to start really taking care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. To truly reflect on our actions and behaviors and center our thoughts on how we could grow or what we could learn from every experience.

We have been determined to see how changing our mindset and attitude could change our lives. To shift from negative discontent to real individual growth and fulfillment. We were ready to truly heal ourselves. Ready to look out at the future and feel excited again! Can I get an Amen?!

And we knew that all began with us and nourishing our authentic selves. Taking care of our minds, bodies and spirits, loving our true selves. Healing and being true to our nature. We knew this new outlook would change our life and change was long overdue!

Showing Promise

We promised to create a life that included all the beautiful things we wanted for ourselves and our family and to share that light with others.

We vowed to take better care of our bodies with daily movement and nourishing foods. To not dwell on pain or darkness, but rather flourish with the light. And we are doing it. Every day.

Leveling up takes commitment and dedication to show up for yourself every day.

There will be moments where you will stumble or fail. We all do. But a promise is a promise. This negative whirlwind has to stop and the answer to healing is inside of each of us.

We continue to work on our commitment every day, as we do the dreams of a brighter more fulfilled future no longer seem a distant reality. Each day is a little brighter. Each day our hearts and lives are a little fuller.

It isn’t easy. When bad news hits or another issue pops up (‘cause they always do!) – we still have to remind ourselves to stay in the present, to find the light, to focus on the good, and to take action on finding a solution, rather than obsessing over the problem. Where my fellow worry-rats at??!

It is once we are re-centered that we remember our commitment and the negative feelings melt away. It is here that we realize that living with a Brighter Manner is working.

In the years we have been living a BRIGHTER life our attitude about life has completely changed. And guess what is following suit? Yup – are lives get better every day!

Personally, I no longer want to hide from my negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, I accept and embrace them, remind them it’s safe to come out and I GET IT OUT!! I have no use for those heavy thoughts weighing me down.

I no longer want to push those uncomfortable thoughts and feelings down deep to forget about them, allowing them to fester. I am driven to face them head on with the right mentality, my heart full and a game plan in my back pocket. I have transformed my mindset and it has enriched my life tenfold.

My body and heart have been through the ringer, but my mind is stronger than ever. I no longer feel stuck or weighed down. I feel lighter. Brighter.  Free.

Thanks to this new attitude, we have gained a new outlook on life and what we are all truly capable of, and grateful for.  We know that we can handle whatever gets thrown at us with fire, grace and optimism. We want you to feel that way too!

The Brightness inside of you

We hope a Brighter Manner helps you see that you have the light inside of you to make your life what you want it to be.

Fear holds you back and makes you think you can't improve your life. We are here to remind you that you have what it takes to let go of the negative thoughts and behaviors and to change your life for the better.

The brightness lies within you.

We are optimistic that sharing our own journey will help you regain control of your thoughts and get your life back in line with your purpose. We are hopeful that the creative products, tools and resources available support and encourage you in learning how to better love and care for yourself and your family.

We want this place to become a community that feels like home and reminds you how to create the light you crave. A place where you can always find kind words and encouragement to live your life in a brighter manner. 

We welcome you home!

Comment below something about yourself and what you are hoping to learn from a Brighter Manner!

xo Josie Wyckoff

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