12 Habits of Living Authentically

The Habits of Living Authentically

This is a continuation from Part 1 Living Authentically, an intro – Brighter Manner

Now that you understand a little bit about what living authentically means. Let’s talk about how to get into that high vibrating state and live more connected to who you really.

Here are 12 habits or mindsets you can practice to help raise your energetic vibrations and embrace living an authentic life:

  1. Know You are Enough

    Like seriously. You are so enough I can’t even. For your career, your children, your spouse, your family, your friends. For yourself. You are enough.

    Everything you need to make it in this life is already there inside of you. Your strength. Your courage. Your inner peace. Your authenticity. It is all there, waiting for you to connect with it. Be fearless.

    You have this power deep within you. The true magic is finding it and using it to affirm the life you envision for yourself.

    You are everything you need. See it. Hear it. Believe it. You are enough.

    1. Be Grateful

    Wake up thankful and count your blessings. Be appreciative for what you have now, what you have already experienced in your life and for what is yet to come to you.

    Be grateful for your breath, your heartbeat and for every emotion you feel. They mean you are alive. Live in this moment, now.

    Have gratitude for this life you have been given and commit to making the most of what it may be offering you. See the wonders and gifts that exist in your every day. It really is about the small things!

    1. Live Graciously

    Strive to be a decent human being. Remember we are all human, none of us are perfect.

    We are all fighting our own battles, bad habits, and demons every day. We are all trying our dandiest to live our best lives despite the hardships and pain we feel.

    So be kind, courteous and compassionate to yourself and to every one you meet. Everyone.

    Live with purpose. Stay humble. Live graceful. Forgive quickly. Love always.  Be the light.

    1. Be Your Own Hero

    Let me repeat that. Be your own hero. Everything you need to flourish and to live authentically are already there inside of you. Your courage. Your drive. Your truth. Your integrity. It is all inside of you.

    The key is to remember you are way stronger than you could ever imagine. You don’t need anyone but yourself to be real, to be loved or to be fruitful.

    Find yourself. Believe in your confidence. Push yourself. Don’t back down. Write your own story and own it. Every damn day.

    1. Believe in Your Day Dreams

    When we are little, we spent a lot of our time day dreaming and thinking about the curiosities of life. About the what ifs and what could happens. Imagining a beautiful life ahead.

    Somewhere along the way though, we forget that childlike wonder. Reality creeps in making us feel like those dreams are never really possible.

    But aren’t they? People get it wrong when they say things aren’t possible or aren’t worth the time if they cannot happen right now, or the way they thought it would.

    The truth is, our dreams are possible. All it takes is you working towards it. Every. Single. Day. One step at a time. Take action. One step. Repeat.

    There are many ways of doing things and getting to a single point or goal. Doing something will get you there, doing nothing will take you nowhere. Find your way and believe in until you succeed at it.

    1. Be A Goal Digger

    Now that you believe your dreams are possible, the next step is to make them come true! Be a goal digger.

    Being a goal digger means you are living life for yourself; you are focused on what you want. Every action you take and decision you make is based on your end goals.

    Small steps add up to big results. Dissect your dreams into small steps you can take every day to reach for it. Set yourself up for success. Be that boss bitch or badass you know you are.

    Map out your daily routines, schedule in important tasks, do something today that will help you get to where you want to be tomorrow. If you do nothing, nothing changes.

    Setting goals helps you organize your thoughts and set up your day to help you stay on track.

    This is the driving force of ultimate success. Hashtag, goaldigger status. Get it.

    1. Let It All Go

    In life there will always be situations that bring up anxiety, fear, pain or upset. These feelings are normal and part of everyday life. Though we cannot hide or fight these emotions, what is important is how we deal with or handle them.

    Holding on to these negative emotions brings us to a state of constant unrest. This unrest can cause misalignment, disconnection and dis-ease.

    To ensure you are able to live authentically to your true nature you must learn how to let it all go. The anxiety, the unease. The unknown and the pain. In order to make room for the positive thoughts, feelings and outcomes we want to see, we have to clear out the old, negative patterns.

    We have to let go of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that do not serve our greater purpose.

    I know it’s hard, but it is so worth it. Take a deep breath and let it all go.

    1. Delight in the Everyday Miracles

    Just as you remain grateful for your life, you must take the time to find delight in the every day miracles. The things we take for granted and don’t ever think about. Think about it.

    The sunrise. Random acts of kindness. Diversity in the world. The sunset. The moon. The magic in the ordinary. Different food. Different cultures. Love. All miracles in their own right.

    Find the miracles in your every day. Be happy and content with what you find. Bask in their greatness.

    1. Shine Bright

    Shine bright. Like some newly polished shoes. Like a TV on in the dark. Like a new penny. Or a star. Shine bright because you are a beautiful and unique creature. Brilliant. Limitless.

    Be positive in who you are and what you have to offer. You don’t have to be the perfect size, or shape or have the perfect makeup or outfit or six pack to shine on. Be fearless.

    Shining bright comes from deep within. It’s the sign of a good heart and being a wonderful human being. It’s the sign of a compassionate, loving, authentic soul. In this state, you are a beam of light.

    Be the light. Look for the light in others. Shine bright.

    1. Speak Truth

    An amazing thing about living authentically is that you are living your truth. In all your candor. This should make it very easy to speak honestly in everything you think, feel, say or do.

    To yourself. To others. Only speak truth. That doesn’t mean intentionally hurt anyone by using harsh words. Speaking truth means you speak with integrity and are devoted to doing what is right.

    Do no harm, but take no shit. Come from a place of certainty and truth. Stand up for the weak. Stand up for yourself. Live up to what is in your heart.

    Own your authenticity. Speak your truth.

    1. Own Your Story

    Taking a hard-honest look at your truth can be difficult. You may not always like what you find.

    But in order to live authentic to your true nature, you must learn and understand your story.

    Who you are. Where you came from. What you have been through. And where you want to go.

    In order to progress in life, you must first accept what is and what was. You have to own your story.

    Take in the lessons learned, the love received and the personal growth that occurred.

    Let go of any pain, sadness or disappointment you have been feeling. It’s over now.

    It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to not like all the chapters. But it takes owning your truth, the good, the bad and the ugly – to really accept all of yourself. When you can talk about your story without crying, know you have healed.

    With healing comes higher energetic vibrations. Owning your story and writing a future you can be proud of is where your authenticity lies. Be proud to be you. For you are one of a kind.

    1. Stay Wild and Free

    Wild and free in the sense of not being tethered, tied or held down by any one, anything or any thought for that matter. It is a go with the flow, feel-the-energy, what-can-I-get-out-of-life-today attitude.

    Henry David Thoreau wrote “All good things are wild, and free.”

    Stay wild in nature and free in spirit. Do things that bring you pleasure. Ditch the things that don’t. Move your body and nourish it with what it needs. Listen to your mind, body and spirit.

    Be open. Be free, live your truth. Focus on your purpose. Stay wild, free yourself from what you think you need. Instead, just listen and just be.

    These habits and mindsets are no joke and take some real work to accept and embrace into your every day. They will lead you to a new mindset, a path of alignment and awakening.

    Getting here takes some inner work and time, no telling how long really. That is up to you.

    Living authentically means accepting your truth, living free from burden and negativity and striving for more for yourself and those around you every day. Every. Day.

    There is no faking it ‘til you make it here. No comparing your garden with your neighbor’s garden. The work is worth the end result. A better, more fulfilled, love filled life. Now who doesn’t want that?

    Tell me, was there a habit or mindset that stuck out to you more than the others?

    What other habits would you add to the list?

    With peace and love


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