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The Hard Truth About Friendships | Intentional Lifestyle - Brighter Manner

The Hard Truth About Friendships | Intentional Lifestyle


Hard truth about friendship. 

It’s hard to see the truth or lesson when you’re caught up in it,

but as time goes on, losing friendships and connections

is just a part of growing and evolving into who you are.

I never really thought of it this way,

but over the last few years,

I’m getting more comfortable with the idea.

When we align and grow and become who we really are,

or when we finally start setting boundaries to protect ourselves,

some friendships or relationships fade.

We think we did something wrong or start to feel really lonely.

You're not alone it those feelings. Growing up is lonely.

BUT it is less about who you are and so much about who they are.

Once the version of you they relied on

[for whatever their needs were] is gone,

so is their need for you. #truthhurts

Yes it sucks. Yes it hurts.

But let us remember,

we don't need anyone who doesn't need us.

Let them go!

I have learned as I've gotten older,

I don't need a lot of friends to be happy;

I will choose quality over quantity any damn day!

Stick with the friends and family who stick with you 💜💜

Tell me, have you lost an old friendship recently?

xo, Josie



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