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Essential Healthy Habits | Natural Wellness

Essential Healthy Habits with Brighter Manner Natural Wellness

Stressed. Tired. Thirsty. Hungry.
Lacking vital nutrients. Sedentary lifestyle.
Feelings of Anxiety and Overwhelm.
Low energy. Low self-worth. Unfulfilled.
Dull skin. Achy body. Unhappy gut. Ready for more.

Any of this sound familiar?

Let me tell you, you are not alone.

The busyness of life can often get in the way of setting and keeping healthy habits. I get it.

I also know we cannot afford the rush of life to push us right on past taking care of ourselves.

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When was the last time you reflected on your health?

Your Nutrition? Mental Health? Mindset? Your habits?

When was the last time you updated your health and wellness routine?

A strong foundation of health includes:

1. Maintaining healthy thoughts

2. Eating well, clean, whole foods

3. Staying well hydrated

4. Get enough rest and sleep

5. Managing your stress and anxiety, mental health

To live a healthy and fulfilling life there are essentials to wellness we want to keep in mind when maintaining our health and wellness: in body, mind and spirit.

  • To feel more grounded. Less stressed. Less worried, more fulfilled.
  • To have more energy. Feel more hydrated. Less tired, on edge.
  • To maintain balanced nutrition, full of dense vitamins and minerals.
  • To find movement that feels good for you. To go within.
  • To feel more confident. More self-assured and self-loved.
  • To get better sleep. To know how to rest and recover.

These habits are truly the foundation for better health and well-being.

Having a foundation of healthy habits, simplifies your wellness routine to better support your goals and busy life!

This is where we start when we work together.

Where are you today.
What do you want for yourself.
What works. What doesn't.
What support do you need.
How do you balance it all.

The holistic approach allows us to personalize a supplement plan to fit YOUR NEEDS and that align with your GOALS!

This post contains affiliate links, see full disclosure here

With these Wellness Essentials in mind there are a variety of supplement, nutrition and other programs that can be modified to support YOU and YOUR HEALTH. Where you are today and where you want to go tomorrow. 

This is part of what I love about what we do!

No fluff - No fast fixes. Just real health routines, support and supplements for real life.

> Have a life that demands a lot from you. Done.

> Need support with energy or help sleeping better. Done.

> Need nutritional support for deficiencies. Done.

> Like to go super hard on your work outs. Done

> Like to take it a little easier. Done

> Like a variety to keep things interesting. Done

> Like DIY quality, dense nutrition. Done

> Like getting healthy solo or in a community. Done

> Have medical issues, need modifications. Done

All you need to support you in getting well is right here. We got you boo!

All you need to support you and commit to yourself is right there, inside of you. Isn't it time you start putting your health and wellness at the top of your to do list?!


CREATE a BRIGHTERMANNER.COM or THORNE ACCOUNT for 10% OFF your first purchase and to secure your one-on-one wellness support!!

There is no cost to enroll to see how we can support you. 

YOU can ALIGN, RISE and SELF-HEAL to reach NEW HEIGHTS in WELLNESS and LIFE!  Enroll now! 

If you need any assistance, please Message Us or fill out the form below! 

With peace and love, Josie



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