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July Updates | Marketplace News


Hello and thank you so much for being here with us! Here’s a quick note on what we are up to behind the scenes this month.

We just celebrated our YEAR anniversary since opening our doors in May and we could not be more grateful for the support, feedback and encouragement we have received along the way!

Thank you for celebrating with us…You can expect so much more to come from our little edge of the Earth!! 

We hope you are finding your place here at Brighter Manner and we look forward to continuing supporting and inspiring your life’s journey.

We are working hard behind the scenes to continue to bring you original designs in clothing and jewelry, and more eco-friendly and sustainable home styles. 

We would love to hear from you! We appreciate all the feedback we receive regarding our designs, products and our websites look, feel and functionality. EMAIL US with your input -

Thank you for your patience as we continue to align our message and our mission! As always, you can look forward to additional products and content as we expand our inventory and reach!


The Summer Collections are LIVE and poppin! New summer styles have been added to the shop and will continue to be added throughout July.

Shop summer styles now:

Men's Summer Collection

Women's Summer Collection

Women's Recycled Swim

> The BIGGEST news this month has to do with the adjustments we are needing to make to products in order to maintain the integrity of our eco and health-conscious mission.

The first update you will see, are some products being removed.

Due to the ever-changing environment of sourcing and shipping right now, many of our vendors have had to switch where they manufacture their products. 

You may see this adjustment in the following collections: ECO KITCHEN, WATER BOTTLES, MUGS, ECO TEES, and ATHLETIC WEAR.

We no longer align with where some of these items are being produced or sourced from so, we are removing them from the catalog until we can find a more aligned replacement. We stand by our mission to source eco-friendly and ethically sourced products and resources.

> Next, here at Brighter Manner, we have been incredibly lucky with managing the production and shipping delays and increase in costs occurring (everywhere) right now.

Since our vendors are mostly USA or North American based, it has made getting inventory and shipping a lot easier and efficient!

We are thankful we have been able to stay consistent during this time.

Unfortunately, though, with the continued increase in costs and inflation ALL of our vendors and Shipping Merchants are raising their prices beginning July 6th.

To keep up with rising costs - we will be increasing our product and shipping costs approximately 15% to support the increasing costs of maintaining our business.

Everything we do with you in mind, we know this is not the greatest news, but we appreciate your understanding and support as we continue to grow our business, and community through these challenging times. xo

> New BLOG POSTS are up! The Brighter Rising Blog is all about helping you show up and live more authentically, self-heal and align into your highest self. Living intentionally and taking ownership of your health, is where it's at! New Blog posts are loaded monthly.

Plus learn more about our Sustainability Pledge in Behind the Business.

> Plus, a HUGE THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE as we worked diligently behind the scenes this month to make things right with our shop functionality and shipping costs.

It seems a system update caused some issues with our product pricing and shipping costs and some people were seeing too high shipping rates.

*Thank you to the customer who brought this to our attention!!

We are HAPPY to report it appears to be fixed now!! 

NOTE: if you notice shipping is miscalculated - PLEASE EMAIL for more personalized CHECK OUT OPTIONS or use the CHAT feature on our website for a faster response time.

Just helped a customer get her Recycled Swimwear with corrected shipping in time for her July 4th trip!!

We are just a small business with BIG dreams to create your go to shop for eco and health conscious and sustainable goods...we're here if you need help with anything!

> Our Brighter Manner Natural Dispensary is officially open!

I hope by now, we have proven to you to be a TRUE BELIEVERS and PRACTITIONERS of PREVENTATIVE and INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE and building an eco and health-conscious community!

Read more about our BIG announcement and how we offer you exclusive, top-quality support for your health and nutrition routine. 

> Exclusive Workbooks and eBooks have been added for you! 

There is much to dive into and so much more to come under

[Inspired Reading] –

Meditation. Balancing Life. Reaching Goals. Wellness. We got you! 

Be on the lookout for more exciting Printables, eco-friendly journals and eBooks in the works.

Bracelets are back in stock!!! CHECK OUT our Healing Mala Beads Bracelets and adorable Charm Bracelets for everyday wear. More styles will be added soon.

Our Kitchenware collection is growing! Be sure to check out our gorgeous, sustainable kitchenware before the month is up. Some styles have been added to the SALE collection. Last chance! 

Our Mission. Creating a community and an eco and social conscious business has always been part of our mission. And now more than ever we see the importance of continuing to operate a business that stands for something and puts their money where their mouth is...learn more about our mission to serve you and the planet here.

Our inbox is always open. Your mental health and well-being matter to us. Don't forget to hit REPLY and tell us what's new with you and how you have been handling everything that's going on. You are not alone. xo

Thank you for putting your trust in us. Together, we make a difference. With peace and love,


The Brighter Manner Team


p.s. sharing is caring!

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We are just a small business with BIG dreams of making a big impact!

Thank you for your continued support, with a Brighter Manner we can all make a difference.  

with peace and love,

 Josie and Michael


p.s. Let's stalk each other!

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