Gut Health + Good Digestion


Let's talk Gut Health and Good Digestion. What does that even mean?

It means your gut and digestion processes are healthy and functioning.

It means you can handle most foods without issues. Like gas, inflammation, burping, constipation, pain, etc.

It means that the functionality of all digestion processes are optimized. 

This includes:

> Breaking down if foods

> Absorption of foods

> Daily Bowel movements

> Thyroid function

> Liver function

> Balanced hormones

> Mental health

> Skin health

Yes, Your GUT HEALTH and DIGESTION impact all these processes. No wonder you feel like crap when you need more gut support. 

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When people have gut issues, the first place they go looking is at the symptoms.

Which is important, however the reason so many people’s symptoms become chronic like mine were 9 years ago, is because they overlook the lifestyle factors that are adding to these symptoms & making them worse.

Doing a SIBO protocol can help, but it usually comes back. 

Filling in nutrient gaps is important, but not alone enough.

Removing dairy, sugar & other triggers foods may bring relief, but the symptoms never really go away. 

You have to HEAL your gut to make the real, long-lasting difference in your overall health, digestion, and well-being.

The KEY aspect to consider when starting this healing journey, is to address any underlying lifestyle factors that may be contributing to the symptoms, as simply treating the symptoms only will not provide long-term relief.

Yes I am looking at you Propropanal. Ugh. 

Here are 5 ways you can gain control of your gut health and digestion.

1: How’s your stress? I’m not taking usual stress I’m talking mental, nutritional & emotional stress?  It's important to take care of yourself, both mentally and physically. Meditation and Adrenal Support helps. 

2: Have you heard of endotoxins? They produce the gassy. bloaty feeling you have and are related to your gut bacteria & why focusing on your gut bacteria alone won’t fix your issues. Probiotics help. 

3: Do you eat lots of hard to digest foods? Commonly known as “healthy foods”, nuts, seeds, cruciferous veggies, highly processed or full of additives foods? These are abrasive & harder on the gut to digest. Add a Digestive Enzyme to help.

4; How much fiber do you eat? Yes fiber is incredibly important but can cause major issues for someone with poor digestion. Limit fiber until symptoms are better. Once healed, you will be able to increase your fiber. The GUT Bundle helps you rebuild your gut health and digestion with easy to digest formulas. 

5: Nutritional Deficiencies are huge when it comes to digestion. The body needs nutrients to make digestive enzymes to supply to gut lining with what it needs to be optimized, strong & robust. 

Thorne’s Gut Health Test provides a detailed analysis and a personalized plan that targets your GI discomfort to optimize wellness. Learn how to create meaningful changes in your gut’s microbiome with the combination of cutting-edge sequencing and patent-pending wipe technology that makes the sample collection process simple.

I can guarantee you that if you focus on your lifestyle choices you’ll notice a huge change in your symptoms.

Ensuring good digestion is essential for overall health and well-being.

Imagine a life where you can enjoy your favorite meals without any worries. That's the power of good digestion - optimizing your body's processes for a healthier you!

Get started NOW for better gut health and digestion!

What steps will you take today to help get your gut health and digestion in control?

xo Josie 

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